Contemporary Art and Appreciation I

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ARTM 301
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To provide students with the full knowledge of contemporary art, To make students have a deep understanding of the rules of the art emerged after the 1950s, To make students familiar with the vocabulary of modern and contemporary art.
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Although “contemporary art” phrase points out to current artistic production in the art history discipline, it suggests a specific period of artistic practice starting in the 1960s and continuing today.  It is characterized by a break from the dominant Western cultural model, looking for inspiration in everyday and popular culture.  More specifically, it indicates a rejection of traditional modernistic artistic media in favor of a more collaborative, ephemeral, and multimedia approach that further blurs the boundaries between high and mass culture.  In its subject matter, this art also tends to reflect a shift away from purely aesthetic issues to more socially oriented concerns. This course will survey contemporary art, starting with the 1960s and concluding in 2010. 

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1: Lecture 2: Question-Answer, 3: Discussion
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A: Testing B: Assignment C: Homework

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