This book will solve the "Food Puzzles" in your mind

"Food Puzzles" now on sale in bookstores

The Yeditepe University Press has just published the "Food Puzzles" book that will allow you find answers to questions in your mind about food terms we always hear in many city legends but never actually know their meanings. Whether you are the chef of your own kitchen or a luxury restaurant, Assoc. Dr. Sibel Özilgen's "Food Puzzles" will be one of your best guides.


Today, eating has become a means of pleasure rather than a necessity. At the same time dozens of food terms have become part of our lives. We know the meanings of some and where they are used, while we are simply satisfied with the implied connotations of others.

The book by Assoc. Dr. Sibel Özilgen, president of the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Yeditepe University, contains answers to many questions related to indispensable foods in our lives. It bears the qualification of a source leading to authentic and correct information as an alternative to information pollution in the internet, television, newspapers and periodicals.


The book begins with the very sweet question asking: "What is the difference between white, milky and bitter chocolate?" It includes, among others, puzzling queries such as: "Does searing meat actually seal in the juices?" "Molecular gastronomy, what is it? What is it not?" "What are functional foods? What purpose do they serve? " "Why does dried onion have a burning taste? Why is it sweet when fried?" "How does corn pop? Why some corn don't pop?"

The book also explains the differences, benefits and harmful effects of food products we believe have similar contents or we use for similar functions and also lists the crux of diverse dishes. It becomes more attractive with suggestions to make life more comfortable by pointing out how to prevent food poisoning, the right way to store vegetables, the crux of good cooking, the reason the chocolate surface gets whitened and how to prevent it

In this book where Assoc. Dr. Sibel Özilgen brings together food science with gastronomy, the reader is furnished with an easy to understand explanation of the required information.