Apr 24

Social Design Exhibition

Feb 02

Graphic Design Department Students visited Victor Vasarely Exhibition at Tophane-i Amire

Apr 18

Grafist 20 Istanbul Graphic Design Days Exhibition: Crossing Frontiers...

Assistant Prof. Gürbüz Doğan Ekşioğlu, Assistant Prof. Özlem Mutaf Büyükarman and Dr. Gözde Umur participated in the exhibition and catalogue with their T-shirt Designs, Assistant Selin Yaprak Türkölmez participated in the exhibition and catalogue with her poster design.

Mar 06

Field Trip for The Graphic Printing / Producing Techniques Class with Assistant Prof Muharrem Sözen

Oct 24

Gözde UMUR and Selin Yaprak BALKARA's artworks were selected and exhibited during ‘Temporality – Differences’ and Beyond: International Triennial.

Students of the Department of Fashion and Textile Design visited two textile enterprises on Wednesday, April 11 as a part of Textile Materials class lectured by Inst. Fazlı Yurdabak. Thanks to this opportunity; they had the chance to observe the design and production processes of lace and embroidered fabrics, which are used prevalently in home textile and underwear sectors. Moreover, they had the occasion to view the production methods of woven fabrics used especially in women's trousers.

The Introduction of Woven Fabric Design Competition