Grafik Tasarımı YÜKSEK LİSANS Öğrencimiz Volkan Hoşcan’ın Başarısı

Grafik Tasarımı YÜKSEK LİSANS Öğrencimiz Volkan Hoşcan’ın yüksek lisans dersi kapsamında tasarladığı Punch Bag poster tasarımı, Avrupa’da uluslararası tasarımcılardan oluşan jüri tarafından seçilerek'da yer aldı.

8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü’nün hemen öncesinde yayına alınan poster tasarımı, kadına karşı fiziksel şiddete dikkat çekmek ve farkındalığı arttırmak amacıyla online olarak sergilenmeye devam edecek.

Poster Monday: Punch Bag

For the first Poster Monday spot of March we have the poster “Punch Bag” designed by Volkan Hoscan, born in Adapazari Turkey in 1973. He is currently teaching graphic design and at the same time working on a masters degree at Yeditepe University Institute of Social Sciences, in Istanbul.

Violence against women is one of the biggest problems of our planet, the world estimates published by the WHO indicate that around one in three (35%) women in the world have suffered physical and / or sexual violence as a couple or sexual violence by third parties at some point in their life, which increases to even 70% in several countries.

The “punch bag” poster addresses this problem. Volkan shares his thoughts with us: “This poster was designed as one of my graduate/masters projects. After doing research about the feminist analysis for my Analysis of Media Advertising course, I realized how woman image and body is commonly used as an object in ads just for an eye catching layout. Then I decided to create a poster against violence and I combined the woman silhouette with a masculine object.

My poster design aims to create awareness about the physical violence towards women. The punch bag stands for the masculine aggressiveness whereas it recalls the silhouette of woman body. I believe creating awareness about the social issues through poster design is an effective way especially if it is being shared online”.