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Graphic Design Department; Graphic design has an effective role on creating and shaping today’s visual culture. Therefore, there is a great demand for well-educated designers. Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Design Department educates students who are skillful about using latest technologies and innovative communication mediums, able to develop research based, creative, original design solutions, have critical thinking skills, build fine arts skills on experimentation and creative playfulness, responsive for social issues, follow current trends in design, intellectual in many aspects.

With an academic staff including internationally acclaimed artists, illustrators, designers and art directors, with educational opportunities such as art and design studios, computer labs and interdisciplinary educational chances, Graphic Design Department students are  first intellectually prepared for the design field with theory courses while having basic courses of graphic design such as illustration, photography, printmaking and computer. Later, they advance their education with project courses such as advertising, packaging, web design, publication design, social design, creative studio and graphic arts courses.




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Ps: PLAS 112 SECTION 4 and SECTION 5;  PLAS 352 SECTION 2 and SECTION 3 are for Graphic Design Students.