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Cansu Ödemiş, who graduated in 2016 as the top student of both the Department of Fashion and Textile Design and the Faculty of Fine Arts, has achieved a great success with her collection by being selected for the cover of  Trend Privé Magazine’s August 2018 issue.


Cansu Ödemiş, who started to her MA education in Istituto Marangoni at London right after her BA graduation, is nowadays busy with establishing her own womenswear brand. Her debut collection will take place in Trend Privé Magazine’s August 2018 issue. Ödemiş is dealing with the interaction between contemporary culture and fairy tales in her collection. She is intending to draw attention to the fact that social media has rapidly started to exercise control over the society, especially the new generation. She is pointing out that selfie addiction, which has been popularized via celebrities in social media, has led the new generation become obsessed with their physical appearence more than ever, in order to attract more followers, be approved and get more ‘like’s. She adds that it has become very hard to satisfy the new generation. Thus, she claims that fairy tales that have been with us for generations can not stay as innocent as they used to be in Disney’s interpretations. Ödemiş is laying stress on the fact that social and psychological problems (self-injury, drug addiction etc.) within the society have become more prevalent because of this new perception of beauty (plastic surgery, eating disorders etc.) that is being transformed by the new structure of the society. Cansu Ödemiş is communicating these transformations and problems in a witty manner with her SS-19 collection ‘Happily Never After’.


We hereby congratulate Cansu on her achievement and wish success in her future projects.